Agent Registration

Salalah Port Service Co SAOG Credit Application
  • To be completed by Customer

  • Please enter the full legal trading title.

  • Please enter the registration number.

  • Please enter the date formed.

  • Please enter the address.

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  • Please enter contact name.

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    I/We request you to open a Credit Account in the above name, with a credit limit of RO per month I am importing from / exporting to (delete option which does not apply) Quoted cost of 1st Consignment (inc Duty) RO Date of Consignment

  • Are your company shares traded on the stock exchange?

  • Are you a member of any trade establishment e.g. shipping consortium?

    If yes, please provide a copy of relevant documents.

  • Do you hold any trade licence or certification such as ISO 9000

    If so please provide copies of the relevant certificates.

  • Are you tax exempt?

    If so please provide copies of the relevant certificates.

  • Do you have any overdue government outstandings?

  • Where else are you availing credit
  • Please fill in the following of the same is not available from your audited financial statements

  • References

    We reserve the right to make credit checks during the operation of your facility. Further references may be sought from the below sources (please complete).

  • Terms and Conditions of Trade

    I/We agree to make payment within days of issue of the invoice. I/We Understand that Interest will be charged for late payments at a rate of %. I/We are legally authorised to represent and sign on behalf of our Company.

  • Please enter the customer signature.

  • Please enter the title.

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  • Details of Company

    I/We attach the following (1) two complete years financial statements, or (2) for a company that has recently commenced trading and has not lodged a set of financials, a copy of its opening balance sheet. I/We agree that this account is opened subject to status.

  • For Salalah Port Services Co SAOG
  • For Salalah Port Services Co SAOG
  • To be completed by Salalah Port Service Co SAOG Accounts Dept

Important Notes:

  • RO 10.000/-as a Bank Guarantee of the Port of Salalah( as Agent)
  • Copy of the Ministry of Commerce& Industry documents and add the activity (Maritime Services cod no.630306)
  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce documents.
  • Application Request
  • Credit application-registration form in the attached.