Why Salalah

Salalah does not just provide port advantages but an entire suite of opportunities that when combined create a true value proposition like none other in the region. The most important is the strategic location with almost zero deviation from the major trade lanes of Asia-Europe, ISC-Europe and Middle East-Europe that provides our customers with transit times that are better than other competing ports in the Gulf (and Indian Ocean). The proximity to these major trade lanes and the rapid growth markets of East Africa and India serve as major leverages for companies looking to take advantage of both markets with one efficient and secure location.

This is supplemented by the fact that the port's infrastructure is world-class; we can serve any size or type of vessel be it container, cargo, crude carriers or even cruise ships. Moreover, the adjacent free zone provides a base location to grow exponentially through their incentives and a US-Oman Free Trade Agreement that provides zero per cent tariffs on over 80 per cent of the items between the two countries. The free zone uses incentives that include zero per cent corporate tax for 10 years, low OPEX costs, and 100 per cent foreign ownership to attract and retain billions of USD in FDI.

Last but not the least, the nearby airport provides the current ability for efficient air cargo connectivity globally and, in 2014, upgraded passenger capabilities. The connectivity will further be strengthened by the GCC rail network that will make Salalah the fastest connection point between the GCC market and the rest of the world.