8 reasons to work with us

  • Location: hard savings in minimum deviation time on the main East-West shipping lane
  • Service Quality: State-of-the-art equipment and professional workforce delivering high productivity
  • Expanding regional market: minimum deviation to Indian Subcontinent, East Africa, Red Sea/Levant and the Arabian Gulf and access to key regional markets including the Asia, Europe
  • Connectivity: over 3000+ vessel calls to over 52 port destinations annually allowing possibilities to meet the long-term needs of customers and shipping lines
  • US Free Trade Agreement (FTA): avail tax exemption on goods with 35% value add in Oman in, along with simple customs procedures and competitive tariffs at a US government's Secure Freight Initiative Charter port
  • Free Zone benefits: adjacent free-zone with availability of land at the lowest rate in the region
  • Inter-modal hub with sea, land and air connections located within a short distance
  • Safe port with stable political and economic climate