Enhanced rail/road/air connectivity

If our continuing success as a hub stems in significant part from the port's integration with Oman's world-class, multimodal (sea-air-road) transport infrastructure, imagine then the growth opportunities likely to emerge post Salalah's integration with a proposed national rail network.

The multibillion dollar railway project, which has been conceived as part of the wider GCC rail network, will open up huge prospects for freight forwarding through the Port of Salalah. As a superhighway for rail-based freight, the network will enhance connectivity between Salalah and the major population centres and markets of the GCC.

When the network comes into service Salalah has the potential to become a major gateway to the GCC for fast moving consumer goods and other high value commodities. We also anticipate a significant upsizing of our capabilities as a liquid hub serving the markets of East Africa and India.

On the airfreight front, our model offers extremely flexible and agile logistical solutions to customers based on their short-term needs. For example, in 2012 we worked with Oman Air and the Salalah Airport to develop a sea/air product that was proven to reduce the overall transit time into Frankfurt by 48 hours and US$0.50 per kg over the next best competitor port and airline pair.