Investing in People

Our People are a very important part of our success and we focus on offering a stimulating yet challenging work environment in which employees can enhance their skills, their potential for leadership, and personal growth.

A sustained commitment to the training and development of the technical skill-sets of local Omanis has helped progressively lift Omanisation levels at the port. Simultaneously, the company constantly seeks to attract talented, knowledgeable and committed people of all nationalities.

Over the years, we have made significant strides in boosting Omani talent in specific areas such as marine pilotage, process excellence, finance and human resources, and crane and heavy equipment operations, to name a few. Through investments in technical and vocational training programmes, Omanisation in the skilled labour categories stands at an impressive 75 per cent today. However, in the senior staffing and middle management levels, Omanisation prevails between 80 and 90 per cent thanks to an intensive career progression drive that enables enterprising executives to quickly advance up the administrative hierarchy.

A skilled workforce has a personal investment in the business and in the community that benefits all parties, which is why we continue to provide extensive training programmes encompassing a wide range of areas, both hard and soft skills.