Health, Safety, Environment

Through education, safety training and numerous programs, Port of Salalah is continuously prioritizing HSE of its environment and employees at all times.


Port of Salalah adopted the APM Terminals' 'Safety for Life' programme to improve uncompromisingly and continuously the port's safety practice at all levels throughout the organisation. The success of instilling a safety culture throughout the years is reflected in the significant reduction in Lost Time Injuries – from 104 LTIs in 2004, 44 in 2008, to four in 2013. Port of Salalah operates an excellent Safety Management System and has produced all its own Policies, Procedures and Safety Manuals.


Port of Salalah has developed its own environmental plans to reduce carbon emissions through its "Switch" programme. This commitment to the environment is especially evident and the Port has won environmental awards at the Oman Green Awards and international platforms.

While our environmental performance continues to improve, we strive to do even better. For further improvements, our Health, Safety and Environment professionals continue to work in partnership with a range of stakeholders – including the Omani Government and our customers.

There are very strict policies when vessels are in the port and measures are taken against any offenders. The company has innovated contingency tools to deal with oil spills and leaking containers that may take place at the port grounds.

Accordingly, the Port of Salalah has ongoing initiatives designed to reduce carbon emissions and waste, and minimise the negative impacts of its day-to-day operations on the marine environment.


Port of Salalah provides occupational health care system for its employees and ensures that any trend in sickness or injury is highlighted so corrective action can be taken.

The department provides the following services:

  • Daily health care of staff
  • Family care
  • Medical check up
  • Eye tests
  • Employment screening
  • Follow up at hospitals